Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When Deve Gowda said "Sorry"

It is not very often that one hears Deve Gowda say sorry. That too, in public.In the firing line for the fiasco that his party caused to Bangalore's traffic earlier this week, the "son of the soil" and "farmer's man" (with a few millions in his kitty!), said a polite(read, meek) sorry on national television.

I will never forgive this man. He made me sit in my shuttle for 3.5 hours & made me miss my client calls. Forget me - thanks to the excesses of this man's celebration of his party's program in downtown Bangalore, little kids were left starving in the middle of nowhere for hours on length. I mean, imagine a school kid who would have left his/her school premises at the regular time of 4.30 p.m, still struggling to reach home at 10 p.m. - hungry, crying, tired, and super worried to see his/her parents. Not to mention, the paranoid parents across the city.

I just wish that there is way to curb the excesses of this man. I firmly believe that he has gotten away with his clout around the state and national politics for far too long, without an iota of accountability for his actions. Worse still - he has been booted out of state politics in the last Assembly election, when every discernible Bangalorean that I know of vowed to show him the door. Yet, the man has not learnt his lesson and is far from humble.

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