Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jogging and its charms

After having come back home in the last month or so, I have gotten back to a lot of my old ways. Given that I have more time to myself, and given the fact that there is a social structure in place, I guess there is room to navigate around oneself and do things that one genuinely loves(but never had time to do, earlier!).

One of these charming things that I have regularly started doing are my weekend jogs. There is this beautiful, big park cum waterway + sidewalk near home - Sankey Tank. This is usually the haven of numerous walkers and other fitness freaks. But it provides a fantastic stretch to jog right around the 2 km stretch. Three rounds around this massive park cum waterway/lake makes me feel so refreshed.

And there are a variety of people that I get to see during these one hour jogs. People who are very serious about reducing their weight;folks who just want to stroll around this huge park on a weekend;young lovers/boyfriends-girlfriends/couples walking around the park hand-in-hand, oblivious to the outside world and lost in their love;fitness freaks;casual/irregular walkers;older folks/couples catching up with each other and having a laugh together in the twilight of their lives and looking at the sunset together(wow!) and so on. I also think that the quality of the girls around this park is very good and scores very high on the "attractiveness-quotient"! I guess that in itself is a motivator to go around jogging every weekend!

But jokes apart, I just wish I had more time on weekdays to make this lovely experience of jogging and feeling refreshed, a more regular affair. Not only does it keep my ever-increasing midriff in check, but also contributes immensely to my mental framework. There is great sense of satisfaction in the sweat that beats down my body at the end of my jog on weekends - though I am tired, I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world for the whole of the coming week. Just wish I could do this everyday, so that I feel even more refreshed every single day.

The highlight, of course, is the beautiful and incredibly satisfying hot water bath that I have after returning home and cooling off. Sunday evenings are even better - after I get back from my jog and am waiting for my body to cool off, I get a good 30 minutes or so on the phone to catch up with my old friends, who would generally be free and available for a chat at this time of the week ( given that most of us have no life to speak of during the weekdays!).

I hope to expand this beautiful, new-found(yet, old habit) of jogging to extend the happiness quotient in my life. Exercise sure can be fun - always knew it; have just begun to experience it in full steam.


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