Sunday, January 20, 2008

Taare Zameen Par - an awakening

I guess I am human. Immensely human. More human than I ever thought I could be.Incredibly emotional too, behind the razzmattazz of the practical world too.Learnt so much from an 8 year old boy today, that there is more meaning to life than the mad rat race that I find myself a part of.I watched the movie Taare Zameen Par today.

There may be enough number of people who are writing reviews on this masterpice of a movie.However, to me,it was more than a movie.It was a loud,clear message, going beyond just childhood and the pressures that the so-called, "non-performing kids" in society go through.This theme is equally applicable to adults too.People in a wild rush,out to achieve so much in professional life, and pretty much forgetting to lead life in the bargain.The kid in the movie keeps quiet and goes through the agony of nobody understanding him, and not just the agony of being a so-called non-performer.How many of us find ourselves in that same situation of being a part of the rat race, and not even feeling like we belong there?Our true desires,elsewhere.Our true talents, elsewhere.Our true dreams, elsewhere.Our true ambitions, elsewhere.Our true drives in life,elsewhere.

I am incredibly shaken by this movie.Oh yes, I am!Its given me the message, that one is not a loser in life, if one is not a part of the "regular" crowd. Its ok to be offbeat.Its ok to be different.Its ok to have talents and imaginations that do not form a part of the mainstream.Its ok to be lonely, yet dreamy-eyed.Oh yes, it is.There is life beyond a corporate office, and a professional career. Yes, they are important, but if one is not a part of that race,its not the end of the world.

One of the greatest movies I have ever seen in my life!


Enterprise Communication said...

Nicely written post that clearly shows that the movie has made an impact on you.

Enterprise Communication said...

Nicely written post that clearly shows that the movie has made an impact on you.

Anand said...

Its these differences that give color to our life, provide entertainment, create excitement and lastly make living in this world worthwhile! Instead of celebrating these differences, the so called rat race kills it. What a crazy crazy world do we live in?

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