Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The magical Muralitharan

I read the papers this morning that the genius of Muthaiah Muralitharan did the honours in wrapping up the English batting line up in their own backyard. While there have been enough aspersions cast against Murali over the years, what stands out is the courage of conviction in the man. I mean, an attitude of, "let the world say or do what it wants. I am going to be the master of my art", takes tremendous will power and confidence in one's skills. And its no mean feat to scalp over 600 wickets in test match cricket, when the entire Lankan team was a one-man bowling attack for all these years.

Hats off to a champion, who stuck to his guns and proved to the world that if you are good, you are good. Sooner or later,people will realise!