Monday, July 11, 2005

Lost with myself in music

Sitting in the room all day,all by myself,with my room mate slogging in office,I decided to inaugurate my new Sony speakers.

I Took out my Sony discman after nearly 3 weeks from my suitcase today. Decided to spoil myself with music.Picked up the 1942-A Love Story CD,put in new batteries into the discman,connected my new speakers,closed the door,tightened the blinds on the wall,put on the AC,put on the dim lights in the room and got lost in the R.D.Burman magic!

If ONLY I had the "appropriate company" for such a "setting"!Sigh!It was quite a peaceful experience to be humming the tunes of those lovely songs and feeling the echo of the speakers in the room.

Life sure is too short,there is so much to enjoy,especially days like today,when I had myself for company!It was fun!

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