Sunday, July 24, 2005

Day 3 - Ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty

The wait for the ferry to start off from Liberty Park was painful.The organisers were waiting for the boat to get full and we had to wait for a long time for it to depart.Finally,it did,mid-morning or so.

I enjoyed the ferry ride.It gave me a nice,hard,long look at New Jersey on the left and New York on the right.I could see the new Goldman Sachs building in Jersey city, towering over the small Jersey skyline.Apparently,the i-bank giant has struck a deal with the Jersey city municipal authorities not to sanction any building taller than their for the next 5 years! I wonder if the Jersey city municipal authorities are harbouring thoughts of building a New Jersey skyline!Now,as wild as that may sound, I think its best to leave the skyline in this geography to the Big Apple!Just my thought though..!

Vali and I clicked endless snaps from the ferry.Captured NY & NJ on film as the ferry hit the heart of the Hudson river.I continued to be fascinated by the NY skyline as to how mankind can actually erect such architectural wonders huddled together in just a few square miles.Amazing.And each of those buildings in that skyline is unique,has its own story to tell and sure has its own flavour.

One of the classic features of the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty is the breeze that hits you. It can pretty much blow you off the boat,that's how strong it can get.The waves of the Hudson river, the speed of the ferry,the mesmerising NY skyline(sorry,to repeat this endlessly,but it was awesome!),the snapshot of the twin cities(NJ & NY)on either side of the river and not to miss, the distant sights of the Brooklyn Bridge,make it an enjoyable experience.Especially with that type of breeze blowing in the New York summer!Wow!

Another key element to this ferry ride is the helicopter ride that one gets to see up in the sky.There are copter rides in NY for visitors, where one gets to sit in a chopper and go around the NY skyline,and all the major landmarks in NY for USD 100!Costs a bomb,that's for sure!Will go on that someday,hopefully!And would be nice to write in this blog on that day, capturing an aerial view of the mega city!Let's see!


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