Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Trip to Bob's Cove

It was a day out in the countryside of Texas. Good fun indeed. There was an office picnic organized at Bob’s Cove. After yet another late Saturday morning with dawn at 11 a.m., five of us huddled into Ashwin’s car and hit the picturesque road to Bob’s Cove. We had a gala time in the car, with Sachin, Pavithra, Anand, Ashwin and I humming song after song, getting enamoured by the beautiful, winding road along the interiors of Texas, till we momentarily lost our way only to regain it in a few minutes! And finally arriving at the venue of the picnic, bang in time for lunch! Got there at around 2 p.m. and there weren’t too many people around from office. Looked like most of them would still be in bed…!

We hunted for other Americans we knew, but found nobody. Only Ashwin knew a few people. Pavithra found a couple of hunks and struck up conversation right after lunch, which was a sumptuous vegetarian burger with chips and coke! True blue, American food!

Once we were done with lunch, Ashwin and Pavithra hit the water, and Anand, Sachin & I went exploring the landscape around the Cove. We saw some beautiful ducks, a couple of private beach houses, which we were sure would be occupied by new honeymooners! After a long, animated conversation we explored the rough terrain in the interiors of the Cove, walking up muddy paths, taking snaps along the way, crossing a wooden bridge from which I almost fell off, and finally returning to the waterside. On getting there, Anand and Sachin wanted to jump in and called me in. I had unfortunately not taken my swim trunk along. So I told those guys to carry on and I would take care of all the paraphernalia that we had brought along! Not to mention, ogle at the babes in the bikinis there! Ooo, they were hot! It takes these American girls just a second to strip down to their swimsuits! Scores of girls came near the edge of the water, removed their robe and just jumped into the water in their tight bikinis. Amazing culture. For an Indian, I guess its something I have only seen on television.But I wasn’t complaining one bit to be seeing the action right in front of me!

Had a couple of cokes, took snaps of the beautiful landscape and all these guys were having fun in the water. I was humming songs and looking at the crowd around me. Looked around for a couple of the American girls from office, who had told me that they would come, but couldn’t find them.

Finally, these guys got out of the water after major fun and frolic and dried themselves off. It was 5.30 p.m. by the time we packed our stuff and headed back to our hotel in San Antonio.

On the way back, we stopped at an elevated position that had a snapshot of the entire horizon. Mind blowing sight and just took our breath away. Superb feeling of belonging with nature! Really got lost in the mountains, the trees, the blue water and the sights of the jet skis ripping on the water, as if somebody were riding a scooter in the middle of that huge lake! It was quite breathtaking, to say the least! We took tons of snaps there and on the way back too.

I was absolutely pooped on getting to the hotel and just wanted to crash. But we had a lovely music session going on in one of the rooms. Went there and we sang till 4 a.m. Quite an exhilarating experience to sing all those deep, old Hindi movie songs in the dead of the night with all the guys. It was Saturday night anyway!