Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Lean part of the trip

Its been a good ten days since I visited this place and wrote something. But the thing is, nothing major has been happening. This is the lean part of my trip. Work has been crazy and I am chasing a deadline for June 30. Can't wait for it to arrive and then have a blast over the long July 4 weekend!

The highlight of the last ten days has been my confirmation at the workplace after my 3 month probation. And I got a rating like I have never ever seen in my life before.Boss was incredibly happy with my performance and has given me a top rating. I almost couldn't believe that it was a rating done of MY performance!But felt great to have been evaluated on merit and being given tremendous encouragement for my future. All those dirty years of slogging, people accusing me of being incapable, etc just thrown into the backburner. Its my time in the sun now.