Sunday, May 29, 2005

Team lunch and off to Houston - May 27

Well,was really busy and couldn't write on this page for the last 2 days. Its been incredibly happening.Its the long Memorial Day weekend here in the US.

Friday began with everyone in office entering office in a holiday mood.Went with Ashwin,after packing in my luggage into the trunk of his new Nissan car.In office,as I was checking my emails,a tall,red-haired,blue-eyed American came to my desk and introduced himself as Joe.He is the global VP for our technology research practice!Wow,he could pass off as a pop icon,that's how he looked.After the initial pleasantries,he invited me for the team lunch. All of us went out to an Italian restaurant and had an amazing vegetarian pasta!Yummy,even if a touch without the Indian spices that I am otherwise used to.We sat outside,in the garden,under a tall greenwood tree,it was amazing!Reggie,Ashwin and I were at the edge of the table, while SV,Mireya,Mukul,Stacy and Joe sat along the other seats around the table.

It was an engaging conversation with Reggie and Ashwin about the US automobile industry.Both of us(Ash n I)got enough and more tips on how to use the automobile industry to our advantage, to find hot babes for ourselves.There was a suggestion that we buy inexpensive cars,so that we figure out whether the babe we are out with loves us for our cars or loves us because of us!With an expensive car,answering that becomes a stiff proposition!After lunch,we dropped off Joe at the office.He was an engaging conversationalist.Real good fun!Was talking about the technology practice too,and apparently, our boss had some kind words about Ash & me!Whoops!Felt good hearing that from the global VP!

From the office,Ashwin and I went straight to the San Antonio airport where he dropped me off to catch my flight to Houston.It was a nice drive as we played some really terrific,old Hindi classics and got lost!Reached the airport,handed over a cover to Alpita there(Ashwin's old friend)and then walked into my aircraft.Took a snap at Starbucks Coffee too,and walked around the airport terminal!The flight was a bit boring, was deep in thought about a million things in life!

Waited outside Houston's William Hobby airport terminal for Anand for nearly half an hour.Was observing the US systems at the airport terminal.Quite amazing.Not a SINGLE car honked,no traffic jams though there were scores of cars and people running helter-skelter.Just amazing.Perfect discipline,no noise,no shrieking of people,pay phones working perfectly...amazing!Anand came,and I hopped into his Toyota Camry and we began a long drive home!


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