Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Long,long day - May 18

OK,the reason I am putting dates after each title on the blog is because I am running short by a day.As in,I am writing yesterday's happenings,today!Will resurrect that as soon as I write two blogs in one day and be back on date!

Today was a very long day at office.Just work,work and more work!Groan!Missed my 604 morning bus and had to take another one (92) and walk about 15 minutes to office from the other bus stand.Didn't have time to eat breakfast(too lazy and overslept!),so had a banana in office

Began work in right earnest and before I realised it,was done for the day.Its still 7.40p.m. here,but it seems as if its 5p.m.That's how very bright it is in San Antonio today!

The highlight of the day was a nice,long internal chat with Ashwin,Pavithra,Vijay and Sachin on our plans for the weekend.We are looking to rent a car and were looking for value-added services.Well, I suggested "lap service", viz.,the car has limited space and so,the babes can sit on the guys' laps!I think that is a fair deal,especially since we will be footing the gas bill,lunch bill,etc!C'mon girls,give us a chance.This is America!Like the say,when in Rome,be a Roman!In the same vein,we Indians in America for these 3 months,want to be Americans!Anyway,have to get back to India eventually right?So,why not live life to the fullest.Lap service!I just hope it doesn't end up as lip service,eventually!

I've been harbouring studying further today.Maybe do a good master's programme in a top university.Just finished 4 years work experience a couple of weeks ago and I think I can take a crack at these universities,GMAT,TOEFL etc.Let's see how it goes,at least the seed of thoughts are planted!

Am off for the day now.And before I sign off,am back on track today.I have written today's happenings,today itself.Hopefully,won't write the date on the title field from tomorrow.

Not feeling upto it,will mostly take the bus back home today,not in a mood to walk.Good night!


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