Friday, May 20, 2005

Kudi in the lift - what a morning!

I just got into office, and couldn't resist writing about the person I just saw.I was standing near the main gate of the office here and waiting for the security system to open(its so procedure driven here in the US!).As I did that, a tall,striking American girl came and stood behind me.She was blonde,wearing a cream skirt(hmm,yes,a mini!)and a greenish shirt with her sleeves folded up.Incredibly striking!

The gate opened and I remembered one of the first lessons I was taught on getting here - always open the gate or the car door for a girl,if she is going the same way you are!Remembered that lesson just in time!As I got to the gate,I opened the main door,and stood there for her to arrive behind me with her short,firm walks & black sandals making a tick-tock sound(music to the ears!).She reached the gate and smiled at me - ah,I fell flat!What a striking smile!And added to her beauty!

As we walked towards the elevator together, a couple of eyes in the corridor darted towards us.I was grinning.Loved the attention for a change with that babe right next to me!Agreed,as usual,she was taller than me.But hey,I have a great track record of getting along very well with girls taller than me!That too,the pretty ones!

Well,we stood in front of the elevator as she pressed the UP button and we waited for that engineering machine to come down from the top floor to take us upstairs.It was a good wait,as the elevator took its own time.I wasn't complaining one bit!Took the opportunity to smile at her,watch her closely.And I realised what a beauty I had run into first thing in the morning!Ah,delectable lips,awesome features,sharp nose,incredible attire,long legs,blazing smile,and a cute little handbag tucked up under her arms(how I'd love to have been that handbag!Groan!).

The elevator finally arrived and we got in.We were the only people inside.I couldn't believe my luck!I immediately started smiling within myself,remembering the power cuts back home in India and all sorts of naughty thoughts crossing my mind!How I wanted a power cut right then, but sad,they just don't happen in America!

As the elevator moved up,she shifted about in the space inside,lifted her hair back with her left hand(oh,that was so stylish!),inserted her shirt into her skirt(oblivious to my presence!),touched up her cheeks and stood firmly with her hands in her pocket and that handbag under her arms.Oh,she was so pretty,nay,cute!

As we got off the elevator,I was dancing when I saw her walk into the other cubicles in my office on a different wing.Now,that is a start as I can find out more about her!Lonely Indian in a strange country,sure could do with some company and see the "sights" around the US,right?

What a way to begin the day!Incredible beauty,who I didn't even talk to!Had me vibrating!Hmm,its a Friday too...!


subha said...

hey there!
looks like life is all rocking for u:) yeah lifts can be very interesting place to meet! hehe...have fun cheers more such itneresting encounters!

Anonymous said...

Sooper Maga...way to get here is another tall girl ur way :P

Anonymous said...

ROCKING ALL THESE...:):).. one can live these moments while reading..good..
impressed haan...

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