Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just office today and Indian music - May 16

Back to San Antonio today, back to office,back to my desk,back to my computer and telephone - with loads of Monday morning blues!!!Nothing very interesting today.Just a normal day at work.

What I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday,was the security check last night on my return trip from Houston to San Antonio.Pathetic security check!That security officer checked everything in me and with me, except my undies!And that is NOT an exaggeration.The nerve of that nerd, just because I am not a white!Grrr!Anyway,that insulting experience was forgotten the minute I set my eyes on the interesting airhostess in the aircraft!Ah,what a lovely damsel!I made sure I carried good memories of Houston with lots of snaps at different places,with a final one at the Houston airport,inside the terminal.And then, this airhostess to top it off!Wow!

Further, when I reached San Antonio airport at 11.30pm on Sunday night,I was treated to true American culture,with scores of guys n gals at the terminal hugging and kissing each other(nattily clad,if I may add!),greeting each other,welcoming each other to San Antonio!Amazing,and I dare say,just short of their getting naughty,once away from the public eye!Even my cab driver from the airport to the hotel was an interesting lady!

Back to today,Monday,work was ok,had a client call, then lunch with my room mate,Hari,at his desk.I had baked potato for lunch,can you beat it?Fattening agent for sure!I' m going to be careful about this junk food(and hopefully should keep my word this time on this!)

Left office early,went to TARGET store with my room mate and bought groceries for the week,signing it off with a tasty choco-doughnut(fattening agent,again,groan,when will I learn?!).Beautiful store,all shelves etc are red in colour,but the store is a touch more expensive than Wal-Mart. Only both of us were carrying grocery in that city bus back to our hotel room, the rest of America drives away from malls in its snazzy cars!

Back to the room with my room mate and I lugging on the groceries,we listened to Vaishnavi sing some amazing carnatic music songs that had me in raptures for a couple of hours!Terrific singer.She got married just a year back and her hubby plays the violin,I heard.Hmm....!

Hit the sack,immersed in Manna De songs!My team mate from India will arrive tonight,will meet him tomorrow.


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