Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holiday mood sets in!

We have a long weekend coming up in the US, this weekend.Memorial Day weekend,as they call it - May 28 to 30th. Am off to Houston and then to New Orleans.Leaving this Friday, but am already into a holiday mood!That too,am taking a half day on Friday,which makes it even more exciting!

It was pretty much a usual day at the office.Spoke to Fred(boss!)and he told me that I write very well.Was quite surprised to hear that as I have not even met him and he has only seen some of my reports so far.Well,I am not complaining one bit!He is a terrific boss,not just because he gave me a compliment,but,even otherwise!He has even told me the see the sights around the US during my trip here!Now, how many bosses would speak THAT language?Should be meeting him sometime in June when he comes down to meet the team here - all the desis in his team,that is!Should be fun, even though he is an old hat!

Had a 9 a.m call with a client and it lasted under half an hour.Set up a few more meetings for the week and next week. Let's see how it goes.

Poor Norma, she is so saddled with work.Chatted up with her and got her to smile!Oof, she hasn't slept properly for a few days now, thanks to deadlines!

Am off early today,want to go for a jog and trim some flab.Am eating too much of junk food here-cookies,chips,pizzas,wafers,chocolates,strawberry,yogurt,etc!


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