Thursday, May 26, 2005

Frost & Sullivan CEO visit to San Antonio

Its been an incredibly busy day. Got up late, gobbled up some bread for breakfast and rushed to office at 9 a.m. Lot of work and had to finish two write - ups today. Just no mood to work at all. Had tons of emails to catch up with from India, and then sent tons of sms to my new Chennai, lawyer friend. What a fantastic friend she is! Itching to get back to India and meet her in person. Got mails from Tash, Lizz, Ami, Namrata and lots of other people today. Felt great! Just added to my 'no-mood' to work!

Finally, got down to some serious work by noon and wrapped up my two write-ups and sent it to Seema and Fred by 5 p.m. Lunch was a bit of a bore, had rotis and coconut podi with Hari. It was an interesting combination of dishes, just gulped it down as I had no time to breathe and wanted to wrap up my work while I was in the mood to work!

Just as I was peaking and finishing my deadline, got an email from the admin guys saying that there is a meeting in the training room. Went up there with the other Indian folks around me and saw my company's CEO for the first time. He was a shortish man, blonde hair,bearded, firmly built and of course speaking endlessly!He took off on growth, global companies, markets etc for a while. Typical American CEO language! Had seen it on TV for years,but saw it in front of me for the first time. No great shakes, I thought.He presented a few awards to some oustanding people in the company and many of them were hot women!Well, it was cloudy outside, so sure could've done with some heat around the place!!And these bosses are so lucky here, they get to kiss these award winners in skimpy dresses!

Got back to my seat after that session,and just put my head down and finished my work. Once that was done, sent a long email to my new,special Indian friend in Chennai! Also,spoke to Priya and confirmed that she would pick me up at Houston airport tomorrow.Ashwin will drop me off here to San Antonio airport.Long weekend coming up!

Created a record of sorts today by sending in 62 text messages from the internet to a mobile phone!


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