Sunday, May 29, 2005

Drive home - May 27

The drive from Houston Hobby airport to my sister's home was something else. There was one big road that we entered called the Beltway 8. It was a looooooooooooooooooooong,very,very,very long road that we went on for nearly half an hour non-stop.Every vehicle on that road was ripping at, at least 120 mph.Huge road,with about 6 lanes,almost reminded me of an exaggerated version of Mount Road in Chennai,or Marine Drive in Bombay!The trip from the airport to the house was longer than the duration of my flight from San Antonio to Houston!Chatted away with Anand,and we stopped at a Starbucks Coffee joint on the way,before finally reaching home at ust past 7p.m.

Immediately,ran into the arms of my lovely little 4 year old niece, Anjali and played the fool with her!All of us then went out for dinner to one of my sister's friends' place, Umesh & Priya.It was pretty nearby and I dived into the food like a starved pig!Paav bhaji with masala,tomato rice and curd rice with Lays chips and Coke!Yummy!The paav bhaji was something else.Met some of my sister's other Indian friends,all couples(I was the only singleton there,other than the little kids!) - Suresh:Kavitha,Hari:Raji:Umesh:Priya,and my sister & brother-in-law,Priya:Anand, of course!Took a snap of all of them,and finally was so tired that we just left that place early.

Came home,got online and chatted with that new,lovely Indian friend of mine for more than 2 hours!Just didn't know how time flew by.Slept at 1 a.m. eventually!Felt great to chat with her!Finally,dozed off!


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