Sunday, November 02, 2008

American elections on a Tuesday?

Ha ha ha, the age-old Indian superstition is being put to the sword. I am not for one moment ridiculing Indian history and tradition, just amply amused. We have grown up in an environment when the more momentous occasions, and new beginnings in life are never done on a Tuesday, in India. I have seen people put off decisions on a Tuesday, reconsider paths on other days of the week, delay the joining dates in companies (if the joining date is a Tuesday), look at other days of the week when they book tickets on flights and trains et al. Such is the superstitious adulation that a Tuesday gets. I have never managed to fathom the logical essence behind this superstition, but that's the way it is.

Yet, if we were to take a moment to universally accept that if Tuesday is not a good day for Indians to start something new, the same would be the case for a large part of the world. My logical being, human beings are human beings, and what is not so great in the realm of superstition for human beings in one part of the world, should hold true for human beings in other parts of the world too. But, looks like this superstition is getting summarily questioned now, what with the American President's election happening in a couple of days from now - Nov 4, a Tuesday!

So much for superstition! I just wish, we stick to tradition, history et al, and get rid of these sorts of superstitions, because they have no logical bearing. Every day, is a good day. If you think you are good enough to do something on some day, just do it. I mean, if things are expected to go so horribly wrong if you start something on a Tuesday, then why in the wild world do we need that day in the week? May as well see if we can scrap it, right? Hell, anything could go wrong on any day of the week. What's so special about a Tuesday being a sure recipe for disaster? Beyond me, these superstitions are. I just prefer tradition and history, rather than following these mad superstitions, which have no sensible explanation.

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