Tuesday, October 21, 2008

India thrash the Aussies by 320 runs at Mohali!

Yippee!! Celebration time! We thrashed the Aussies at Mohali!!! And this time, pretty much nailed them hard! A record victory by 320 runs at Mohali. Kudos to MS Dhoni for leading a team that provided us with a great all round performance.

For me, this match was not just about the convincing win over the Aussies. It was about the sense of occasion i.e. Tendulkar's 12000 runs (record breaking effort by the genius!), Saurav's milestone of 7000 Test match runs, et al. But, the moment in the match was Amit Mishra's debut match - what a dream come true for the 25 year old leg spinner. A five wicket haul on debut, against the world's toughest and most formidable team! Brilliant effort and I just hope the Indian selectors give him a long haul and help him build a career.

And the other moments - getting Mathew Hayden when he was merciless on the Indian bowling attack; Zaheer Khan's magical spell on the last day of the match; Tendulkar's diving catch at point and showing us what spirit he has even after 20 years of international cricket;Ganguly's expression of punching the air hard and giving his biggest smile possible on reaching a magnificent 102; Dhoni's super aggressive 92; Gambhir's century coupled with his sublime partnership with Sehwag oof 182 runs for the opening wicket in the second innings etc. Not to mention, the spirit of victory with which they marched ahead into the match and gave Australia no chance whatsoever.

I just hope the ICC can be a little less racist, what with its fine on Zaheer Khan for alleged violation of the spirit of the game. Just because he ran around Hayden and fired a salvo or two, in his spirit of celebration? Crappy ICC!

Great day overall- I just hope we bag the Border-Gavaskar trophy in Delhi on the Diwali weekend. Like Harsha Bhogle wrote in his blog today, India has a Diwali one week in advance! Cheers!!!


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