Saturday, July 15, 2006

Of plays ..dramas and crowds..!

I have been going to plays in Chennai and Bangalore for a while now.Its been good fun.The artificiality of the environment, the pseudo-knowledge of many people in the crowd about the play,the daring dress codes that I have seen in these places are indeed an interesting combination!

The girls in the crowd at these plays have always been a feast to the eyes.Their idea of decorating themselves with resplendent attires,slam-bang colour lipsticks,revealing tops,and an artificial English accent to boot, is a combination that is possibly available only at these plays.The number of ooooooh's and aaaah's that I hear almost make me believe that these women are having an orgasm in public!Pecks on the cheeks,tight hugs....all the American ways,are well on display,long before the play begins!

I am going with 19 other folks tomorrow for a play here.Should be fun!:).Its a Sunday evening too.....