Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The jinx of July 4

I don't know how and why its been happening over the last few years on July 4th.Its just been one jinxed day.On July 4,2004, I had gone out on a rainy evening with my drama class friend in pouring rain.And on that infamous evening,as I was taking the car from the corner of the street,I lost my mobile phone.One smart ass noticed was quick enough to make the most of the opportunity that awaited him and before I knew it,I had lost my phone.And to my horror,I discovered only after 5 minutes,by which time the damage was done.On that day,I lost my mobile phone to such a jerk who was just laughing when I dialled my own number to request him to return the phone to me.I guess I was being too polite.Sad!

On July 4,2005,when I was in the US,I went to a pub for the first time in my life.And I forgot to take my ID card with me there!And they didn't let me in,despite my team mate and American boss vouching for my credentials to the pub owner.Its a different matter that I managed to go to the same pub at a later date.But,this jinx of July 4 didn't leave me.

And today was no different.My phone fell down and had a crack that cut through the screen.That was not all.The display card in my mobile phone conked.So,throughout the day,I couldn't see who was calling me or messaging me - I just had a blank screen staring at me and funnily enough, I was getting all the calls as usual!Sure felt weird picking up every call with an air of suspense!

Wonder if there is more to this July 4 jinx than meets the eye.Maybe having an ex-gf's birthday on this day is jinx enough....


Anonymous said...

arun..i dont think so that ur x-girl friend's b'day has so much of importance in ur life now..just relax..take it out of ur mind..n go ahead..have a happy life..n i m sure next 4th july u wll have really good day!!
one of ur friend:):)

Arun said...

whoever u may be.....if you don't have the guts to identify yourself,please don't pass comments.thank you.and anyway, you possibly don't have a clue about what trauma is,else you wouldnt' have said something so loose.ya..i know shez history, and thankfully so!

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