Sunday, March 26, 2006

20 hours with my old friend!

I will never forget March 20,2006.It was a red letter day in my life.Something quite memorable and on a different plane than what I had ever experienced before.

The occasion was my old,school friend's marriage with his sweetheart.But the greater thrill for me was bumping into my old,childhood friend after two years and spending the best part of two days with her.Its amazing to see unadulterated,natural,emotions straight-from-the-heart and ever-widening smiles when two childhood friends meet after a break.The enthusiasm levels automatically escalate!

I keep hearing of the word,quality time.I think I know what it means now,because those 20 hours will be something I will cherish till my grave.That is how wonderful it was.From freewheeling conversation to teasing each other,to laughing and cracking jokes and going down memory lane,it was an exhilirating experience!!

Will never forget that day for sure.


Anonymous said...

impressed ur writing..kisiki yaad dila di .. my best friend's wedding years back..quite diffrent still ...nice.. keep writing..

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