Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I walked through IIT Chennai last evening!Wow!

I went to the IIT Chennai last evening.I don't know how others feel,but just like I had read in books,I felt at peace with myself when I entered the campus.Now,I am not a science student but,even though I am from a different stream,the power of the place hit me a wee bit.The rustle of the trees,the cold breeze blowing across the lanes,the serene atmosphere.It was amazing! I recalled Chetan Bhagat's famous book on life at IIT,Delhi, Five Point Someone,and was picturising all the antics described in that book,happening in the Delhi campus of the type of institute that I was walking through,for the first time in my life.

The sight of a senior student standing in front of 6 absolutely tense students,explaining some scientific phenomenon is a sight that I will treasure for eternity.The boy was standing in a jeans and long shirt,explaining some theory with immense passion,fire in his eyes and terrific commitment.Six juniors(they may have been classmates of his,I'm not sure)were sitting in a bench in front of him,absolutely glued to what he was saying,scribbling notes and marking points on their books.This was bang in front of the famous Central Library,a building where one can spend a lifetime and still not be done with all the reading in the world!I remarked to my counterpart,that the library could pass off as a software company - that's how smashing an architectural masterpiece it was!

Many of my friends in the engineering world have told me that life in IIT is an experience and one gets immensely nervous on just entering this hallowed turf of the science world.I guess the trailer I experienced last evening is what they were referring to!

I have walked all around the IISc in my hometown,Bangalore.And that I thought was a mesmerising experience.The walk through IIT yesterday was even better!

I am proud to be an Indian!Jai IIT!