Monday, January 02, 2006

Bitten by the writing bug!

Its bitten me now.Hard and deep.I want to write now.I've always been a very expressive person.Never realized that expression,passion for life,and innate interest in writing and engaging in a conversation can be harnessed to reach higher levels.Maybe even carve careers.

I am right now in a writing-related job,where I write about technology markets!I think I need to make the most of the emerging boom in the media.Do something about my passion to write.Do something about my flair for expression(No,I am not blowing my own trumpet here,I just have genuine interest).

Let's see how it goes.The seeds of interest are sown.Need direction!


vignesh said...

its nice idea da, start a new blog exclusively to show ur writing skills,get affliated with various websites which are related to your writings ,put your new blog in google blog search get unknown visitors from across the globe,may be in a few week or months time u will become a professional Blogger . Think over this idea, for now indulge in your pleasure of writing, rest-will follow.

Anonymous said...

My dearest BIF,

Guess you'll know who I am even if I don't sign my name, right??? I'm glad you're now unstoppable about writing. I knew deep in my heart that you have THE PASSION right from day 1. It's just that you were too busy with "something else" then that's why you weren't aware of your extremely beautiful gift of the pen.

But now that you realize it and that you've been bitten...go dahling!!!!

- Ms. "X"

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