Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend of movies,pizzas,idly,noodles,sleep,music,and a great book!

I had the best weekend in a month.Did nothing except spoil myself with some things I haven't done in a while. My project got over on Friday and after a while,got a full weekend all to myself!And for a change,the weather in Chennai was good,almost reminding me of the lovely weather back home in Bangalore!

Friday night,got home from work early,and went with Atul and Venkatesh to Murugan Idly in T Nagar.Dived into a sumptous idly with 4 different types of chutneys and some sambar.Followed that up with a crisp dosa!It was hot and awesome,especially in that AC room in the restaurant!Once I gulped down the dosa,it was time for the best sweet in this place, the sweet pongal.Wow!It just melted in my mouth,touch the deepest corners of my taste buds and but naturally left an indelible taste in my mouth all the way back home.Wanted to eat another one,but I was stuffed as hell by then!

Anyway,back home,lazed around,chatted on the phone for an hour or so!This is the case without having a girlfriend in life,I shudder to think of the hole in my pocket if and when I do manage to find a girlfriend..oops!Anyway,while I had the time and my own company, made a sincere attempt to catch up on the lost sleep of the last month,thanks to my deadline!Did very well at that!Saturday was lazier!Got up at 10.30 a.m. or so,was still groggy though!

Called up my good old Infosys friend,and decided to get to her house for lunch.It happens to the best of us who live away from our homes - the mere hint of home food is enough for us to fix up weekend visits to friend's houses,however distant it may seem!But this girl is a nice friend and called out an amazing menu for the day.So it was literally,a day out with good food and some good fun with a good friend!Reached her place,chatted away to glory all day long,browsed the net,and then dived into the lunch she had made.Wow!Slurp!Too good!After lunch, sat back and played scrabble after nearly 5- 6 years.The old hat was still working!Managed to reek in 165 points in 45 minutes!Made a decision to buy the latest available Scrabble from any store in town and get back to a game I so adore!Like they say,books,words,old habits and dogs are more loyal than a girlfriend!!!!!!So,my old habit of playing with words had still not left me.Infact,realised that I had recently gotten hooked on to Su Do Ku as well - so more word play!Good,old loyal companion!!!

Anyway,got back home and there was no electricity.I really freaked as I was sweating immensely,thanks to this Chennai heat.Not used to temperatures beyond 35 degrees celsius back in Bangalore,so can't really blame myself!There was no sign of the electricity returning,so decided to walk to Landmark in Nungambakkam.The singular mission of my visit to this mega store was to purchase the book I've heard rave reviews about - Five Point Someone.And I am glad that I found the book at a discounted price!Picked up a book by Michael Dell as well,where the man himself has written about the making of Dell Corporation!

Atul called me and said that the movie Chocolate is on and that Manik had managed to get tickets for us.I said,"Let's go", keeping up the tradition of a movie every Saturday night,ever since I got back from the US on Aug 9!Atul came to Landmark,while I waited in the long queue(they had discounted prices on,remember?!)and finally left for the movie hall at 8.45 p.m.Stopped by Sarvana Bhavan and dived into our customary 14-idly dish!Wow!What a piece of genius- 14 idlis in one plate!

We then caught hold of an auto and were royally transported to Triplicane,which was about 4 kilometes away from where we were supposed to alight.Ignorant about the distance,Atul and I walked all the way to the theatre,and eventually sinking into our seats,puffing and panting for breath.Trust the Chennai auto guys to take you for a ride!Damn!

The movie,Chocolate was lovely.Gripping,confusing,excellent actors,beautiful script,hot babe,exotic locale in London etc etc etc.The climax was the best part of the movie!

Got home at 1.30 a.m.after another drill into our pockets by the Chennai auto guys!And so began an animated conversation about movies,standard of movies,b-schools, u name it!Manik, Atul and I in engrossing conversation.I had by then flipped the first few pages of Five Point Someone and it gripped me.

We were still not done for the day!3 p.m. maggi noodles was a bright idea that struck Manik.We were hungry as hell, and had Atul,the expert chef with us.So,needed to make full utilization of our resources!Maggi noodles,with chilli flakes as a topping and ketchup to boot - wow, how is that for a 3 a.m. snack?Or should I call it breakfast?

Tired,sleepy,yet energetic for more, we finally slept at 3 a.m. I didn't realise what was happening till the doorbell rang at 7.30 a.m. and at 8.30 a.m.Just momentary glitches in my sleep!Eventually got up at just past noon on this lazy,Sunday afternoon.Anyway,there was no deadline to chase,right?

As I completed my early morning(well,noon actually!)chores,my roomie,Manik showed the newspaper to me.There was a weekend deal at Pizza Corner.I amusually not a very big fan this joint,but this offer looked interesting.And it eventually turned out to be great.One veg pizza,garlic bread with stuffings,and a coke with endless quantities of chill flakes and sauce and seasoning was too good to resist.Also,been a while since I had junk food!Just had idly,dosa the previous night,so something different was welcome.Ordered the pizzas for home delivery and got ready to attack it when it arrives.

Cracked Su Do Ku for the day as we waited for the pizzas,and I dug into my new book,Five Point Someone.It was getting increasingly intriguing and I was beginning to love it.All credit to my roomie,for recommending this book to me.

The pizzas finally came,and we were famished by then.Simply dived into it and ended up over-eating.But hell,it was a pizza and we needed to do full justice to it!Enjoyed it and for a change,the stuff from Pizza Corner was pretty good.Once we were done with this,I got ready and walked to the Taj Coromandel.A Singapore education fair was on and I just went in, to figure out some stuff from some of the leading b-schools there.Nothing too revealing beyond what I already knew from the internet.

Got back home,and that's it - sat down with Five Point Someone and saw it to its logical conclusion by midnight.Gripping book.Amazing,real-life story.Fantastic plot,great drama and passion!It was a journey for me into life in engineering colleges,especially IIT.

Finished the book,gulped down some left over garlic bread from the afternoon meal, and crashed!

I guess it was not a very happening weekend in terms of outings etc,but sure did what I wanted to do after a long time,with all the time to myself!Felt good!


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