Saturday, September 03, 2005

The movie, No Entry

Hilarious!Guffawed away to glory for 3 hours without stopping!And ended with a mild stomach ache,thanks to the laughter that this movie brought out in me.Nothing great about this movie,just the manner in which it was taken.So cool,so uncomplicated,yet driving home a point.

Its been a while since I guffawed like the way I did this evening.Atul and I reached Sathyam theatre in Chennai close to two hours in advance.As it is,its usually tough to get tickets for night shows in Chennai these days,more so for a movie of this nature,that too on a Saturday night.We got lucky!We managed to get tickets just as the hall was about to get HouseFull!

Beginning the movie with a popcorn in hand,I discovered that it indeed takes a long time and serious work to make people laugh.Which is what most of us these days have forgotten to do,thanks to the pressure-cooker generation we live in!!Laughter!Ah,that sublime,natural phenomenon!

Lovely movie!!Anil Kapoor,Lara Dutta,Fardeen Khan,Salman Khan,Esha Deol,Celina Jaitley and Bipasha Basu - all of them were just great and carried out their roles brilliantly!

Must see at all costs!Great evening!