Sunday, July 10, 2005

Saturday FireWok lunch & dinner at room no.1108

Spent Saturday morning going to the bank and then sat and chatted away to glory for a few hours with Ashwin,Anand and Sachin.Talked about millions of deep things in life,such as losses,gains, you name it.I felt that it was a moment of the trip that would add up to my basket of memories!

For lunch,went with Ashwin and Bharat to FireWok and indulged in Szechwan Pao with Tofu and brown rice.It was very delicious and one of the best dishes in this part of the world!Enjoyed it thoroughly,with the drive there being full of Daler Mehndi!

It was the eve of Sachin's departure to India on Saturday evening.Namrata and Sucha invited us for dinner at their flat!And what an incredible dinner it was!Slurp!Started off by actually decorating the food on the dining table and taking a snap of the beautiful food!It was lovely!They had made a terrific veg pulao with raitha,and roasted potatoes along with chips were there for company.Very fattening yes,but quite irresistible, to be honest!

Sachin and I dived into the food quite shamelessly.It was that good!And that was not all,we were busy fooling around, praising the food,almost wishing that we get such a wonderful girl with a great hand and taste for food!After all,the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!Of course, there are exceptions like me who will get swept off my feet by sheer romance and not so much by food, more on that some other time!

Once dinner was done,we dived into strawberry with chocolate icecream.Mmmm!Som had joined us by then and we were all so full that we couldn't even get up from the dining table!GOT to start jogging this week,whatever happens!

After that,Sachin and I went to Kishan's room and copied all the trip's snaps so far into his computer,and burnt a CD out of it to treasure for eternity!But somehow,I still like the good old analog camera,by printing out the photos in a photo studio, however much we may have advanced with this digital technology in photography.

The highlight of the night was a singing session where Ashwin,Anupama,Sachin,Namrata,Sucha,Kishan, Som and I gathered and sang to our heart's might.Kishan cast a spell with his classic version of the eternal Mere Naina,Sawan Bandhon and two other contemporary songs.What feeling,what power,what emotion!Felt it deep!That set the tone for the night, with all of us pitching in with deep songs,all of which had one theme - pains in life!It was fun,great fun!

Sat out the night,sang till about 2 a.m.,then helped Sachin pack his bags,dropped him off at the airport,came back to the room on Sunday morning at 6 a.m, found my lost room key in one of the shopping bags and hit the sack at dawn!

Spent the entire Sunday in my room itself.Just didn't venture out.Cleaned the room, did my laundry for the week,helped my room mate cook,went for a jog in the evening.

Started the exciting countdown to my New York trip in 10 days!

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