Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mi Luna and salsa dance!

Wow!What an evening it was on July 2!Quite the most memorable moment of the trip so far!Went with Anand to Mi Luna, a cute little bar near home in Houston!Incredibly cute place.Lovely music,great crowd and fantastic ambience.Had a lot of class to it,unlike the junk noise usually associated with bars.

The highlight of the evening was of course,a one hour free salsa training session by a couple!Man!They made us vibrate and shake the place up!I was initially hesitant in going for it,as I have never ever done salsa in my life before and didn't want to make a fool of myself. But I soon realised that nobody there had an idea of salsa except the trainer,so I am as good or as bad as the rest of them!My bro-in-law sure did egg me on,when he saw my opportunity to grab hold of a blonde or two in that class!

I needed no further invitation than that!We began the initial steps of forward and back,all by ourselves. The trainer was one helluva enthu cutlet!Really jazzed up the place and taught us all very well,and soon a lot more people joined in!As we gained momentum in picking up the basic movements in salsa,the trainer increased the pace of the music and the pace of the steps!That got the adrenalin going.I was almost sweating!

Things got even better, he made two lines from our batch - the first line was called leaders and the second line,facing the leaders,were the followers(full of blondes)!And I was in the line for leaders!So I had a great time,with those blondes.As I said,the trainer increased the pace of the class and all of us danced with our respective partners,holding hands,rotating under the other's arm,making the salsa steps in symmetry and was just great!

My luck got better as the class went by;the trainer changed our partners,so I got to dance with 3 blondes!Wow!All of them were really hot,in typical summer wear of a short denim skirt and a sleeveless top and a broad smile to boot!Simply great!Danced with them with full vigour,a big smile on my face and enjoyed every minute of it!And when the class got over,well,I was tired and so were all those girls!

Hmm..who would've ever dreamt that I would come to the US like this,go to one of the cutest bars in the country,and end up holding hands and dancing with 3 lovely blondes! I'm not complaining!!!It was greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!Thoroughly loved it!

Forgot to take those girls' phone numbers,though. Will remember that next time;after all,we learn by experience, right?!