Friday, July 22, 2005

The flight to NY!

At the San Antonio airport,just before going through security check,I took a snap in front of one of the airport's stores.I was actually rather sleepy,after the lack of sleep the previous night and considering the pace and magnitude of work I had this week.But it just didn't show.All the tiredness vanished when I got to the airport to board the Northwest Airlines flight NW 630 to LaGuardia airport,NY,via Memphis Airport(a brief stopover).

Got through security check and still couldn't believe that I was about to board a plane to the Big Apple!Just couldn't believe it.Finally,my stomach brought me back to reality,as it started grumbling.Alas,the human biological cycle had returned - I was hungry,as I hadn't eaten in 12 hours!Walked down to the Starbucks coffee joint at the airport and grabbed myself a Tall Hot Chocolate.Gulped it down as we awaited the announcement for the flight.

Since we had a stopover at Memphis on the way to NY,I wasn't quite sure if I had to change aircrafts.So the minute I walked into the aircraft,I met the eyes of the airhostess(so what's new,some people would say!).She was actually an old lady,almost well past her prime and appeared to be one of the oldies on that airline.But since she was so sure of her ways around,it did appear that she has been in this industry for a large part of her life.Anyway,told her that I am an international traveller and wasn't sure if I had to change aircrafts at Memphis to NY and requested her to come and let me know.She said,in typical American accent,"Sure"!

Got to my seat,which was the last seat on the plane - I guess it had its own meaning,without my actually reading too much into it - in that,God had decided to leave me in a corner all to myself to sit back and enjoy the build up and the excitement of landing in NY!But providence had even better plans!As I settled into my seat,a nice looking bespectacled blonde came by and sat next to me!We did have good conversation, here and there.For a change,some thing else altogether had my being occupied,and it wasn't a

Tried to sleep through the flight,but actually didn't sleep too much at least till Memphis.At that airport,we had a 55 minute stopover,and I went around some wings of the airport terminal.Took a couple of snaps too.Didn't realise that how significant a purchase I had made on the July 4 weekend till then!

Headed back to the same plane that I had boarded at San Antonio,as the lovely airhostess had informed me earlier.And she greeted me at the door saying,"How is Memphis?"I grinned at her ear to ear.Taught me a lesson or two in marketing,in how to create the hook for a customer to be happy and remember a moment of his experience with a service or a product!

Hit my seat again,and did sleep well on this leg of the flight from Memphis to NY.

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