Sunday, July 24, 2005

Day 3 - Trip through New Jersey

It was very difficult for us to get up in the morning,after a marathon across New York city over the last 2 days. But the only drive for me was that I didn't know when I would get another opportunity to visit the Big Apple.So, was out of bed in a flash and ready to see the last leg of the mega city on the last day of my trip to this extraordinary city!

Vali and I went alone in the morning,and Pawan was to join us later in the day.We stopped by at the usual doughnut joint for breakfast near Hoboken station. For a change, we went to the extreme end of the Hoboken station, to board a train that would take us directly to Liberty Park,the place where we were to hop onto the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. As we waited for the train to depart,I saw yet another version of the NY skyline from across the Hudson River, standing in New Jersey.Simply mesmerising and never did get tired of seeing that exquisite skyline. I mean, technically,its a concrete jungle,but the design and symmetry of the NY skyline had me hooked right through the 3 days, from every vantage point that I could see if from!

Finally,we hopped onto the train and it was one of those classy trains, that I used to see,once again in the old movies.This time though, we didn't go underwater through dark tunnels shuttling between NJ and NY.Infact, the route to Liberty Park was very picturesque and I got to see some parts of New Jersey.What a quiet city it was,compared to its gigantic, action-packed partner city, across the Hudson River!The buildings in Jersey city reminded me a lot of Pune city, back in India. Quiet,classy,not very messy,extremely well -planned and quite picturesque too.There were cyclists,and cars visible too, unlike the cabs and trains and huge buses that I had been seeing in New York,where nobody likes to drive!Jersey city sure appeared to be a touch more laidback.And made sense to me why people shuttle between this quiet city and the razzmattazz of the Big Apple everyday.Its not just the cost of living,which is high anyway,but I got the distinct impression that people,after a hard day's work in bustling NY,would love to have some peace & quiet when they get back home.It would be nice to have some time to oneself,and a fair degree of solitude,in quiet surrounds too.Made eminent sense to me!

We reached Liberty Park station,and it was strange to see the place absolutely deserted.Got into a bus and reached the actual Liberty Park itself,with an old clock tower howering on top of the Park.This is where the ferry to the Statue of Liberty was to depart.And I found lots of Indians at this spot. That is when Vali told me, that in the US,in most of the famous venues,one would see tons of Indians - places like the Niagara Falls, will have ONLY Indians,apparently,with old aunts draped in sarees,scarfs and goggles to boot!!

Anyway,off to the Statue of Liberty now!


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