Saturday, July 23, 2005

Day 2 in the Big Apple!

Got up really late, at around 9.30 a.m.Uploaded all the 72 snaps that I had taken from my new digital camera into Vali's laptop and viewed a slide show of the same. The snaps had come out wonderfully and I relived every moment of the previous evening in those snaps,just like I will do for the rest of my life!

Got ready,had a quick bite at a doughnut joint,hopped onto the Path train to New York.The train was a touch crowded and I had my first taste of crowds in New York.Almost reminded me of good old Bombay city!

Got off at the 33rd Street station near 5th Avenue and headed for the Museum of Modern Art.As we crossed the different lanes and bylanes in midtown New York,my eyes hit the Times Square.I just stood still and saw the famous vertical structure of advertisements that are aired all over the world, in every describable TV channel. And next to the Times Square was the famous NASDAQ board,with great illuminations.Stopped at this famous Square and clicked numerous snaps,digesting the significance and popularity of the location every second.The famous ads in Times Square were actually rolling ads,erected in motion in a tall wall hanging on to the edge of yet another skyscraper in the vicinity.It was not actually a Square,but had assumed significance because of the popularity,and centralisation of the location in New York.This was possibly the most expensive Square in NewYork to place ads.

Once we did that,my eyes were rolling along a bunch of movie screens stretching all around the Square.As I was reading the signs,Beauty & the Beast,the Lord of the Rings etc,Vali told me that,those boards had Broadway shows behind them in huge auditoriums.I gasped!I had just seen Broadway,the world's oldest theatre!Wow!And apparently,Beauty & the Beast has been running to houseful shows for the last 2 decades!Was convinced that such shows are still ruling the roost because of travel fanatics like me!

We were getting late and Vali got hold of a New York map from one of the officers around the corner of the Square.We found out directions to the Museum of Modern Art and finally located it after a 15 minute walk.It was a lovely museum and well, we had a free entry,as Goldman Sachs' employees have free access to all the museums in New York,except the Museum of Sex(groan!).

Spent the next 4 hours in this beautiful,artistic museum and was exposed to some of the world's greatest paintings.It was a sight to behold,the architecture,the decoration,the arrangement,the flow of the paintings and artifacts,the diversity of the items on display.....just got lost in it completely.There was also a mini- TV room where they were airing the evolution of sex as an art.Now,now now...!


Arun said...

hi arun, u have explained things in damn detail that next time i am gonna be there, i will be actaully re-visiting the sites. but u have stoped at wrong spot.. please continue..what happened at the show....!

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