Sunday, July 03, 2005

Chasing a June 30 deadline!

Its been a mad,herculean race against time over the last fortnight.Had quite lost track of time,date,day of the week and everything else.Even hunger at times!Not to miss,haven't slept properly for more than 10 days.

Just been chasing my June 30 deadline!And am thrilled to bits that I managed to pull it off!Ofcourse,had a fantastic team mate to help me sail through.We spent groggy nights in office,staring at these excel spreadsheets and word documents,dreary-eyed,hungry,lost for energy,and living on sheer will power!Will never forget the breaks we used to take every couple of hours,when one of us used to walk up to the other's desk,chat up something totally out of the ordinary,walk down to the vending machine and pick up a soft drink of a chocolate!Why,I even discovered that he'd just been promoted!Wow!Was so happy for him - hez not only a swell guy,but a brilliant chap at his work as well!

The typical schedule over the last fortnight was - reaching office by 9-930 a.m. getting to work straightaway,taking breaks,and breaking down our deliverables to more achievable tasks,leaving office early only to hit the sack in the hotel for 2-3 hours.Once we felt rejuvenated,we had dinner and headed back to office at around 930 p.m. or 10 p.m.As the energy waned through the night, we used to sit up and pull through till 3 a.m. or 4 a.m. by the sheer dint of will power and will to pull it off on or before June 30!And we did just that!Things were done on the night of June 29 itself and we were thrilled to bits!

Went out in the dead of the night and celebrated in the heart of San Antonio at a lovely bar,stopped by at International House of Pancakes (IHOP) for a hot cuppa coffee and strawberry pancakes!And on July 1,we went late to office,took off for a lovely lunch at Olive Garden and had one of the best luncheons in town - breadsticks,salad and soup - all Italian delicacies and simply superb!

Not to miss,June 29th night earlier on, was featured by a wonderful poolside party at the hotel!Many of us gathered different food items,and gathered at the poolside,got into a singing spree,danced and had a blast till 3 a.m. that night.Took tons of photos,laughed our gut out and simply had a blast!

Sure was good fun to chill out after such a strenous fortnight!Off to Houston for the long July 4 weekend!Mom and dad arriving from India as well!