Monday, June 06, 2005

Weekend begins - first fling at learning swimming,June 3 evening!

It was an eve to a weekend that I will remember! After a really hot day in office, Anand, Kishan, Harita and I walked to the bus stop to get to the hotel, but the bus ditches us! So we finally walked to another bus stop while Kishan & Harita walked all the way to the hotel. Anand & I got into an animated conversation about how we guys need to work hard to get the good girls for ourselves! He refused to believe that I didn't have a girlfriend! Left me wondering what I have done to make such a reputation (not that I am complaining, one bit!) .

We reached the hotel finally at around 7 p.m. and it was typical Texas weather - blazing! On a sudden hunch, Anand & Kishan decided to go to the swimming pool. They called me, but I was a touch scared about the water. But then I said, nothing doing, I am not going to miss it, I am coming!

And so, Friday evening began with my first ever dip into a swimming pool with Anand and Kishan, all the way in America! Never ever got anywhere close to a pool in India!

I was initially a bit apprehensive about hitting the pool, as we were approaching pool gate. I don't have a clue about swimming, why am I trying to enter this pool at all, is what I was thinking! But as with everything else in the last one year with me, I decided that I am not going to miss it, while the opportunity presents itself! And so,I jumped with Anand and Kishan into the pool! I froze!!!!!

It was a bit scary initially, but I stayed put at the 4 -5 feet level of water, lest I drown(though they told me that I will NOT drown as long as they are around with me!)! Am just 5'5" anyway, so no way could I drown! But I gulped down so much of water in the first few minutes, couldn't stand, didn’t know any of the intricacies to wade in water, was scared!

Gradually, as I got accustomed to the water, I started feeling a great sense of thrill in the water and started walking in water at the 4 feet water level. Then Anand taught me the first lessons in swimming - holding breath under water. I did that slowly counting seconds to hold my breath - first at 5-second intervals and then at 10 seconds intervals under the water. I was reminded of the days when I learnt cycling - I used to be just like this, scared and used to fall off from my bicycle every day! But now that I know cycling, it’s a life long skill that I have acquired. Same with swimming! Vowed to learn it by the time I return to India in August. And I have a fantastic guy like Anand to train me and er, save me if I enter deep waters!!!!! Skills can be acquired. Never let go the opportunity to do so!

We then stepped out of the main pool and went into a Jacuzzi. It was awesome! Warm water! Terrific experience! Finally, very reluctantly, exited from the pool, lay down on those benches (like I used to see in the movies), dried ourselves off and trudged back to the hotel room as we ogled at a couple of hot blondes entering the pool. Ah, what bad timing! I should've entered the pool then and screamed and gotten them to save me!!! Will remember to do that next time!!

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