Friday, June 03, 2005

Busy week - first week of June 05!

Its been an incredibly busy week.Just office,office and more of office!No time for anything else. Have been feeling miserable that I'ven't written for a few days!Here is a recap of the action this week so far:

It was a good mix of office and shopping.During lunch break, went with Ashwin, Anand and Roopa to Frost Bank and encashed the June allowance.We were in such a lovely singing mood on the way to the bank that we enjoyed the lovely old Hindi songs that were played in the car CD player!Got back to office,and all ofus could barely stay awake!In the evening,went to the hotel,refreshed and headed to Target store and Walmart with Ashwin & Roopa. Walked all around Walmart and bought groceries for the first time ever in the US in these mega stores. Mind-blowing range of products!Just felt like buying one of each stuff from each shelf!

Am told that Walmart makes the manufacturers dance!Must be the ONLY retailer in the world who does that!Bought a long list of items and just blew up $50 on that - was not converting into rupees, but had I bought that merchandise in India,it would've dipped a hole of nothing less than a thousand bucks in India!Amazing prices here!Oh yes,took snaps of Roopa, Ashwin and myself outside Walmart - hope the snaps come out well!On the way back to the hotel from Walmart, we stopped over at KFC and had an apple pie!Delicious,slurp!As we were leaving,we sighted that the India store was open and barged into it!I bought parathas and my favourite brand of pickle,mango thokku(sorry, I don't know the English equivalent to this word!).

This was an unforgettable evening!It was the eve of Roopa's return to India!All of us had a blast!Left office early(as Norma dropped Roopa and me home in her Chevy Impala car), refreshed and watched some fine NBA action - Miami vs Detroit.We are all waiting for the next San Antonio Spurs match!Huge following of the same in office too, with banners all over the place,especially on the 4th floor, where the marketing guys sit!And then,the evening began!Roopa and Norma came to our (Hari & I) room,fully decked up!And then Prajjwol and Hariharan came in.We fooled around a bit,took tons of snaps(my camera conked in between)and they all left to room no.1111.I watched the NBA game fully and then went to room no.1108 and had a great time there!Ashwin, Anand,Vaishnavi and I hit some amazing cords and went into "sing-mode".We sang for nearly 3 hours -old Hindi songs,mesmerising carnatic(Indian classical)music(Vaishnavi is an awesome singer,a trained one at that!).It was just great!Pavithra joined us later and she hit off on some English songs,Killing me Softly being the killer!Wow!She's a super singer!

We dispersed at around 11.30p.m. and I went into room no.1111 to say bye to Roopa as she was leaving back to India the next morning.And in that room, I found another mehefil (singing session)going on with another bunch of 10 people!Joined them and sang till 1 a.m.Just too good,an awesome experience,regaling in old Indian music....quite scintillating!What deep cords we struck!Pavithra came there and sang another classic piece for us,later in the night!

Took some more snaps with Roopa and the rest,went for a short walk with Roopa,wished her a safe journey back and returned to my room at 1.30 a.m. and hit the sack!Couldn't get up this morning!

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Tash said...

Enjoy the whole consumerism thing, the States sure is the place to let loose your inner consumer! Seriously, it's insane what you can buy in the megamarts of America, at incredibly cheap prices. No wonder everyone there is miserable, they don't know what they are missing out on because it's all laid out in front of them.