Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Walked to Budget Suites - May 17

Met Ashwin today after a week.What a blast of a team mate I have!Sure am lucky!Had lunch with him in the canteen.We are not supposed to take our own food to the canteen,but bent the rules and did just that by taking my good old lunch box to the canteen,as Ashwin ordered some noodles for lunch.Soon,we were into a very animated conversation!

Got into an adventurous mood in the evening as I was leaving office at 8p.m.(I just don't know why,we Indians work so hard and so long,when all the Americans leave at 6 pm sharp!).As I exited office and walked towards my usual bus stand to catch the city bus(its a great piece of jazz here in San Antonio),I just hit upon the idea to walk home.Have been walking home from office,back home in India,so just thought I would try that out here in the US as well.And it works just fine.

Walked down the spick and span street,on the even cleaner footpath with finely trimmed grass,lost in my own thoughts.Hit the bend on the road about half a mile from office and bumped into my room mate!He was jogging all over the place,and had taken the day off as he had overslept!Lucky guy!Anyway,here he was,with his walkman on and a chewing gum to boot,with his jogging attire stinking!Chatted up with him for a few minutes and walked all the way to my hotel room.Made it in 25 minutes flat!

And then had choco-biscuits, chocolates and vegetable pulao for dinner and crashed!


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