Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Roopa's birthday - Indian lunch!

It's my colleague's Roopa's birthday today! The day began for me even before midnight with Ashwin & I being the first ones to enter Roopa's apartment for the birthday bash. Slowly, the others in the Indian gang put up in different apartments in our Suite, started trickling in and soon,there were nearly ten of us at the same time,all set to wish Roopa on her birthday!And as cliched as this may sound, as the clock struck 12, we gave Roopa a cake and she was surprised as hell, cut it in the background of a noisy, boisterous bunch of guys!All of us wished her and dived into that cake, yummy, slurp!What an amazing cake that was!Lip smacking, in the true essence of the term!And once this was done, Pavithra entered the room. It was her wedding anniversary!All of us wished her and she cut another lovely cake, this time,a doughnut cake!It was a feast allright, at midnight!

I trudged back to my room as I was too sleepy and was into dreamworld in a matter of seconds. Came to office with Ashwin in his new Nissan and had these series of interesting emails, from my very interesting,exciting new friend from Chennai. We were busy exchanging email after email, despite the time difference between India & the US!And at the end of it,were still not done with it.Hmm,been a while since somebody brought so much of excitement into my life, let's see!

After that, it was back to work.And then, lunch time with Roopa,Ashwin,Anand and Norma!We first went to check out an Italian restaurant, Olive Garden,but it was choc-a-bloc!We then turned to good old Indian cuisine,and went to Sarovar here.Had a feast of a meal!Tamarind chutney,idly,cauliflower pakodas,coconut chutney,rotis,daal,paneer,and kheer just fulfilled the appetite in ample measure. To top it off,was the best ever mango lassi I have ever had. My goodness,gracious, me!What an awesome drink that was, gulped it down like I have never done before!Too good, had me gasping at the end of that gulp!

Returned to office and all of us were struggling to stay awake after such a hearty lunch!Our plan is to leave office early today,go to the hotel room, have an early dinner and catch up on lost sleep!Anyway,most of us are taking off to different parts of the US this weekend,as its a 3 day Memorial Day weekend.So,we need to ensure that our sleep is not back-dated,during the weekend,lest it creeps in and spoils the fun!


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