Monday, May 30, 2005

Katy Mills Mall - May 28!

I never knew that a human being could spend 6 hours in a shopping mall and still not be done for the day! That's exactly what happened today. We went to Katy Mills Mall here in Houston today.Reached at 12 noon and got back home only at dinner time! It was something else.

Beginning with the sprawling parking lot to the technology and range of products inside,it was something seen to be believed. I must have walked at least 5 kms inside that shopping mall today in the course of those 6- 7 hours.Not a very athletic rate of walking, but that's the key.Every stall/store/shop had me spellbound!

Hell, there was a big store for pets! Another one for yatching, cycling, canoeing, mountaineering, boating...basically,the rough terrain stuff! Shoes, jewelry, junk food, clothes, denim wear, summer wear (yes, revealing, colourful bikinis were there all over the place!), gadgets, phones, food stores, icecreams, coke vending machines, puppets, electronic stores,home utility stores,medicals,furnitures stores,painting and artifacts stores (a famous one called, Kirklands), stationery items, hats, caps, suits, lingerie, sexy negligees, balloons, pillows, CDs, DVDs, car interiors stores, caricature artistes... you name it,and that mall had it!

The highlight of the day HAD to be that massage I got for USD 12.00. Oh!What an experience!Was damn tired after walking all over the mall,taking snaps etc.And massage was just the right recipe to sign off the day.The guy was a trained massage-er, some Chinese variety,and he relaxed every inch of my masculine body,I swear.He even massaged a couple of hot blondes,lucky girls!Wish there were a babe to have massaged me,rather than this hunk!All the same,it was very,very refreshing and incredibly relaxing! There was another mechanised massage sofa too in that mall!I mean, the manner in which technology has permeated every facet of livelihood in this country, is seen to be believed!

Anyway,did some sample shopping here and there, had the best vanilla icecream of my life so far, ate a spicy garlic pretzel (not too much of a garlic freak, but this was yummy!), and finally left the mall at 6.45 p.m. Of course, was with Priya, Anand and Anjali throughout.

We ate at IndianWok on the way home and I was chatting with a couple of my Indian friends till 1 a.m - one from hometown Bangalore and one from Mumbai!Slept at 1.45 a.m.! Just crashed!


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