Tuesday, May 17, 2005

First Sunday in the US - May 15

I am going to spend a little time everyday and capture the day's proceedings of my trip from today, till the end of my trip!

Today was a pretty homely day.Got up late,and emailed mom and dad back home in India, and few other friends.Felt great to be reconnecting.All these years,it was I who used to get these emails from my friends in the US, never knew that a day would come that I would write to people back home! I had a very refreshing bath in the bathtub(yes,I spoilt myself by lying down in the water,like in the movies - though all alone!).It was a nice, long bath that lasted an hour. And once I was finished with that,I discovered that I was locked inside the bathroom, as the lock had jammed from the outside!Banged the door till help came,much to the delight of my 4 year old naughty niece who was jumping to see me again after an hour!

Went out with my brother-in-law to the nearby grocery store and indulged myself in a Starbucks Coffee. The brands and the flavours on display was very similar to the menu card I usually see at Barista on good old M.G.Road back home in Bangalore!Of course,with a very different crowd!Bought my old American, fattening favourite, Pringles chips and my bro-in-law picked up some stuff for the house as well and we got home.

After that,it was a day full of people!Umesh,Priya,Anitha,TR,Sridhar came home for lunch. And I was at my best behaviour, with my new attire from Walmart - a striped tshirt and my new shorts!Had lemon rice,khichdi,alu chips, and curd rice for lunch with flavours of Pringles wafers to boot!Anjali,my niece refused to eat and need even more convincing that any client may have needed in making her see the point!Oof,these kids!The evening was with Renu,Hema,PK Anand,Anjali,Anand and Priya at Indian Wok,an Indo-Chinese restaurant,before heading off to George Bush airport in Houston to catch my 10.30pm flight to San Antonio.


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