Friday, April 29, 2005


Finally!It's here!In my hand!I got it! After years of waiting for it,dreaming about it,I made it today!

The visa officer liked my face and gave me my visa to the US for my 3 month trip!Am pretty thrilled about it!An old, old dream comes to fruition!A lot of hopes vested in me,comes true.

Of course,like I said, no regrets being in India whatsoever,but just the thrill of realising a cherished dream, nurtured over the years,is an exhilirating experience!

The morning was rather scary,with 5 software engineers standing in front of me in the queue, being rejected in their visa applications.That was a very dangerous proposition for me and the visa officer was in a terrorising mood,ripping those candidates apart! But I just decided to give it my best,fair and clean shot and leave it at that.If I'm bound to get the opportunity,I will.Nobody can stop me.

And,as destiny would have it,when it mattered most,when my turn came in the queue, that fierce looking American visa officer, in a terrorising mood, on this hot Friday morning at Chennai,said ok!She asked me the purpose of my trip,the current role I play in the firm I work for,how long I've been in this firm,and my qualifications!That's it!And in true blue American style, she said,"Please pay the draft at the next counter.Have a nice trip!" .I almost wanted to grab her and plant a kiss on her cheeks,but just about managed to exercise better discretion!

I couldn't believe it till I came out of the consular office.But now,its reality.And unlike the cliched,reality bites,I can tell you,this is an exhilirating feeling!

More on these pages once I travel.Do watchout!


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