Thursday, April 28, 2005

The countdown has begun!

I have had a most rollicking day today. And its been exciting as hell, even though its been high pressure!

I am just hours away from my visa interview!My day began early this morning, when I reached office and browsed the consulate website for the documents that I need to produce at their office tomorrow morning. And to my utter horror, I found that they needed my photographs of a specific dimension.I thought, the usual passport size photographs would more than suffice, little did I realise that the American consulate needs photographs that cover my face only UPTO my chin, starting from my hair!Not to miss,the width of my snap shouldn't be gawdy for them,lest they dislike my face and reject my visa!Groan,just why can't they take me at face value?!!!!!!!

Based on this new discovery of photographs with specific dimensions,I rushed to the nearest photo studio and got my snap done.And the studio guy, messed up my hairdo,and my shirt!But anyway,the snap has come about just fine,in the end.Hehehe,good enough to circulate,for the eligible bachelor category that I belong to!

Returning to office,I downloaded the visa application forms,filled them up online,only to be ditched by my computer when I was just about to take a print out!Groan,had to redo it 3 times before I got it right,and eventually did so only on my colleague's PC,not mine!Poor guy, I didn't let him work today!Anyway, that is also done!

And after chasing the office HR and admin guys for the best part of 3 days, I just got the visa fees from them!Ooof!Just a few letters to go now, they should be coming to me in an hour or so!

The wait continues,but the countdown has begun.......!!!


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